What is more tempting than a Tim Tam?

What is more tempting than a Tim Tam?

Can you guess the top 3 things we hear when we tell people more about our services and what we do?

“What a great idea…

  1. “I’ve been meaning to sort out my photos for months/years/ every school holidays etc”

  2. “I wish I had time to get it done”

  3. “I bought a scanner last year and only did one album”

I can name 2 friends who have bought scanners with intentions of scanning in old images, and they are just the ones I know about.

One of those friends became a client (you can read their thoughts on our services here)
The other is still to complete the project herself
Let’s be honest here – managing your photos is not about skill or equipment, it’s about TIME!

The idea of having more time for the things you love is way more tempting than a Tim Tam and countless service industries have been born from society’s increasingly busy lives and lack of time.

When people got overwhelmed by mount ‘washmore’, ironing services evolved.  When they became too busy to cook, TV dinners appeared on the market.  Dog walkers, nannies and gardeners; the list goes on you could even take it back as far as butchers, bakers and candlestick makers – people used to do all those things themselves until they ran out of time!

This is where the growing industry of photo organisers and coaches can help.

If you would pay someone to mow your lawns to free up some time why wouldn’t you pay someone to help you preserve your precious memories , to teach you how to protect them and get them back into your life?

How much time could you save with the help of a Professional Organiser?  Can you really put a price on the peace of mind you would gain knowing that your precious memories and essential documents were easily accessible?

We offer no obligations FREE discovery calls.  Book now via our online calendar we would love to work some magic for you.

Have a magical day


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