What is a FileOsophy?

What is a FileOsophy?

“it is really clear that the most precious resource we have is time” Steve Jobs

The Filing Fairies wholeheartedly agree with Steve, now-days we are all so time poor.  So when the time came for us to cook up our FileOsophy system we wanted to ensure that time saving simplicity was our feature ingredient.

So what is a FileOsophy?

Customised solution

  • A FileOsophy is a tailor made solution unique to you, your family or your business needs.

You say tomaytoe, I say tomahtoh – you say vehicle, I say car; we all think slightly differently and our FileOsophy accommodates those little Idiosyncrasies.

Unique Map

  • Clear, easy to use and understand sequences and processes for all of your filing requirements.

Like putting away the cutlery, we want your filing to be a no brainer so you can focus on the bigger picture.  So we give you a map to use and once you have found your way you wont get lost (but if you do the map is always there to refer to).

We apply FileOsophy to paper and digital filing as well as to photo filing and I will elaborate over the next few weeks.


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