What is inside our Photo Organising kit

What is inside our Photo Organising kit

This video popped up on one of my memory feeds and I thought I would do a recap of what we take along to our photo organising assessment meetings.

Whilst not everything appears in this quick time video here is a list of things we take along;

  • White cotton gloves – the last thing you want is us leaving our fingerprints on your precious photos
  • Zip lock bags – to collect any small SD cards and loose USB’s that a client is passing on to us to consolidate into their collection
  • Permanent marker – to label the zip lock bags – not the photos!
  • External hard drive – often our clients want us to get started straight away, having a 2TB external HD with us allows us to copy everything and take it back to the office to work on
  • Wireless mouse – when you are doing a lot of file movements a mouse is much more efficient (and accurate) than a mousepad on a laptop

You can download a full list of things we recommend you put in YOUR kit before you tackle a photo organising project from our free resources page.

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