Together we will help you create

healthy photo habits and empower you to

FINALLY do something with the photos you take.

Learn from accredited Photo Managers



Our online* coaching sessions are a unique blend of coaching and coworking.

We give you the strategy and skills to help you be more effective and efficient

and keep you motivated to get the job done!

* face to face sessions available for local clients by arrangement


collect images
cull images
curate images
create with images
consistency is king


  • Start fresh with a streamlined system to get all your 2021 photos going to a central hub
  • Understand how to gather photos from multiple devices
  • Be confident navigating devices, drives and folders


  • Establish healthy photo taking habits.  The less you take the less you have to manage
  • Know the difference between keep for now and keep forever photos
  • Develop and practice consistent culling techniques


  • Become the master of your memories with naming and keyword best practices
  • Create a workflow to identify which photos to include in your project
  • Prepare files ready to add to photo book software


  • Identify the best supplier for your project
  • Brainstorm creative ideas for theme, chapters, size, fonts, layouts etc
  • Hands-on training with photo book design tools


  • Gain confidence in a simple, repeatable and actionable workflow that you can repeat year after year
  • Stay accountable with monthly goal setting and motivational support.



We start with an assessment session to establish where your photos are going and how you will get them to a central hub. 

We set some project goals and map out a plan to make it happen.

Then we avoid overwhelm by meeting once a month for ongoing training and co-working so we can get those photos off devices and into your hands!

10 Sessions

10 x 1 hour sessions 

6 Sessions

6 x 1 hour sessions

3 Sessions

3 x 1 hour sessions


AUD $1125


AUD $715

AUD $375

If you’re ready to take control and master your memories,

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This program IS for you if you:

Are ready to start fresh with managing your photos in 2021. 

Want to protect and preserve your family memories in a tangible format (aka a family year book).

Want to connect with your family photos away from a screen.

Want some gentle accountability to keep you on track.

Are comfortable learning online.

Are committed to completing tasks between coaching calls where required.


This program is NOT for you if you: 

Want us to organise many years worth of physical or digital photos for you (we have options for ‘done for you’ services, please contact us for quote).

Don’t believe that preserving your photo story is important. 

Are not committed to or accountable for being the curator of your photo collection. 

Limited spaces available in 2021

Book an obligation free compatibility call today