How to make a photo book, FASTER!

How to make a photo book, FASTER!

Do you ever think that there my be a faster, easier way to make a photo book?

Today’s blog is all about time saving hacks to help you get a photo book in your hands faster.

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Apps & Tech

If ALL your photos are on a phone and you have no plans to add any wordy storytelling elements to a book there are a couple of apps out there in the marketplace like;

  • Blurb free iPhone app to autoflow photos from your phone and Facebook into pre-built templates.
  • Chatbooks have an awesome subscription that will feed those photos into their app and churn out a book every 60 photos.

For those that recognise the best place to create a book is from a bigger screen and that the richest action and emotion filled books contain a story too.  Momento Photo Books our personal favourite photo book supplier has auto fill software to design pages for you.  It will even give you some averages relating to how many photos to have ready for your book as seen in this screen shot.

We also wrote about planning your books and how many photos in this post.

Given we are Professional Photo ORGANISERS this should come as no surprise that we think the number one way to get your photos into a photo book FAST is to be ORGANISED, but it really is true.

If your photos are all in one location and organised then you will find creating a photo book easier and faster than if you are scouring several devices. You can easily identify themes and search using keywords or dates if required.

With an organised photo collection, it can be easy to follow a simple workflow: check out our photo book recipe here.

Grab our eBook bundle and start getting organised today so that you are ready for a photo book project at any time.




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