How to Create a Monthly Video Montage on Your SMART PHONE

How to Create a Monthly Video Montage on Your SMART PHONE

20160627 How to create a video montage

We talk about our MOONWALK steps all the time but today I wanted to talk about one new step that I have added to my workflow. Confession time: In 2014 I got a new phone and in early 2015 I discovered I had managed to delete some precious video from my kid’s birthdays! When I say devastated that is an understatement! Each year I have made an effort to ask the kids the same 20 questions to see how they and their answers change over time and somehow whilst learning the new phone and its systems those videos were lost and now there is a year missing from that archive! I can’t even imagine how people who lose EVERYTHING must feel. But I can relate to the despair and loss losing precious memories can cause.
My devastation aside if you are like me with two small children you take a number of short videos throughout each month. These short (usually less than one minute each) videos are not much chop on their own but I recognise the value of having moving images and audio of them in the family storytelling vault. I certainly don’t bust out a proper video camera very often and I also certainly want to ensure they have some ‘home movies’ to reflect as they grow up. Who doesn’t love a good home movie night??
I have been thinking hard about what to do with my short videos and it has been on my wish list for some time (husband dear has been asked a couple of Christmases in a row to get onto this) but of course LIFE happened and this big project got overlooked.
The step I have added to my monthly photo organising workflow sits in line with what we always talk about with photo life management – tackle incoming photos (AND video) regularly so they don’t pile up and overwhelm you or in this case overwhelm my husband 🙂
I have added this step to the beginning of my MUSTER as I am using a phone app (YAY for apps making something like this easier than ever) but you could use something on your PC or MAC each month and do it as part of your editing process. The key here is to keep it simple and do it monthly! Given that I reduce the overwhelm of creating an annual photobooks by spending time on the book each month I am face palming myself that I didn’t think of this solution earlier.
The idea is that you want to string together a collection of videos to view as a montage rather than saving a bunch of short random videos onto your hard drive and never look at them again. Without further ado;
How to Create a Monthly Video Montage on Your SMART PHONE:

  1. Find an app that will suit your needs (try searching video montage in your store)
    • My app is called MOVIE CREATOR and it came with my SONY Xperia smart phone.
    • I believe the iPhone equivalent is iMovie
    • Windows – Microsoft Movie Moments or Movie Maker 8.1
  2. Muster the videos you want to include, yours will be on your phone but remember to ask your partner or other family if they have anything fun to include and get them to share it with you (to your phone)
  3. Open your app and get started by adding the clips you want included in your project
  4. Once they are all in place, you can edit. Edit as much or as little as you like: simply split and delete any video portions you don’t want, add transitions and titles as desired, some apps will also allow you to add your choice of music from your own library. Don’t forget (?) help buttons on any app will fast track your learning or try youTube for more in-depth pointers
  5. When you are done, SAVE VIDEO
  6. Then I simply follow on the rest of my MOONWALK steps to ensure my lovely new montage is with the rest of my collection and in turn backed up
  7.  I also then delete it and original videos from my phone as they are real space hogs

So there you have it my simple addition to my monthly workflow.

By dedicating small amounts of time to memory-keeping I am ensuring my photo life is organised, utilised and enjoyed.
Go check out your app store now and come back and let us know what you’ve decided to use. We always love to hear how you go with photo projects.

Have a magical day


  • Lyn
    Posted at 09:26h, 27 June

    Thanks Mara! Is there a blog on ‘moonwalk steps’?

    • Mara Morrison
      Posted at 19:47h, 27 June

      absolutely and a download check list too! Keep an eye on the newsletter this coming Friday