Photo Organising Apps & Software

Photo Organising Apps & Software

Here we are in a new month again with the year flying by as we approach an early Easter.

Today we are covering R S T in our big list of photo organising apps and software.

Reactions – available on iTunes

The pitch – the best platform for the best reactions.

Sharypic – available on iTunes, Windows and Android

The pitch – live photo sharing for events.  Let your attendees photos generate buzz for your venue on social networks.

Shutterfly – available on iTunes, web and Android

The pitch – Turn your photos into photo books, cards and gifts. Free, unlimited secure photo storage. We will never delete your photos. 100% happiness guaranteed.

Slickpic – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – A stunning gallery space for your treasured photos.  Easy to create.  Easy to share. Easy to love. Where you store your photos is as important as the photos you take.

Smugmug – available on iTunes, Android and Lightroom

The pitch – Stunning photo websites.  For you, your family or your business.

Snapable – available iTunes and Android

The pitch -Every moment, captured.  The fun and easy way for your guests to share photos from your event.

Snapfish – available on iTunes, Windows and Android

The pitch – Create prints + gifts wherever, whenever you’re inspired.

Social Playground – available via Instagram

The pitch – Hire the live Instagram printers.  Snap. Tag. Print

Sphere Share – available on Android

The pitch – You can share a private picture with anyone or add it to a public Photo Sphere gallery, view popular Spheres and other’s profiles.

Sprout Baby – available on iTunes

The pitch – It’s the only baby app you’ll ever need! Great milestones section that lets you capture your little one’s biggest moments!

Storehouse – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – Turn a collection of photos and videos into a shareable story.  Now available on Apple TV.

Storie – available on iTunes

The pitch – Everyone has a story.  Share yours.  The easiest way to connect with storytellers and share your own video stories.

Storycorps – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – Record and share the stories that are all around you.

Sweetbaby – available on iTunes

The pitch – Tomorrow’s Link to Yesterday.

Tapose – available on iTunes

The pitch – Taposé is a multimedia answer to the traditional notebook. It empowers users by allowing them to tap into multimedia resources for data collection. Capture videos, voice notes, picture attachments, web clippings and more and drag them into your notebook, and available for sharing or collaborating with your colleagues or clients.

Thought Book – available on iTunes

The pitch – helps you organize your million dollar ideas, favourite quotes, and your daily thoughts.

Tinybeans – available on iTunes, Android and Amazon

The pitch – Your online baby journal. Connect.  Record. track. Create.

Trover – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – Discover unique places posted by travellers like you.

Trunx – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – The photo app that lets you snap, organize and store forever.

Tumblr – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch -Tumblr is so easy to use that’s it’s hard to explain.  We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they on it.

Tweekaboo – available on iTunes

The pitch – Because every moment matters.  Snap a picture, write a heartfelt note, copy a text message, then save it to Tweekaboo.

Next time on Fairytales we are on the final stretch.  If you missed any of the previous posts you can read them here.

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P is for Photo

Don’t forget to comment if you use any of these, we’d love to learn more.

  • Karin
    Posted at 10:31h, 14 March

    What about a review of Apple Photos, there are a lot of people out there using macs.

    • thefilingfairies
      Posted at 11:03h, 14 March

      Totally valid point Karin, we overlooked Photos as an add on app per sae, as it is standard issue on all Macs. We will be sure to update the post to include it.

  • Natalie Gallagher
    Posted at 01:05h, 17 March

    I’m a huge fan of SmugMug, particularly for video storage. Unlike many of the free services that allow you to save only shorter video clips, you can save video clips up to 20 min. in length on your SmugMug account (with unlimited space!)

    • thefilingfairies
      Posted at 11:26h, 21 March

      Thanks Natalie – but be careful Quoted from SmugMug’s Terms of Service Agreement: SmugMug reserves the right to change, modify, revise or otherwise amend any provision of these Terms of Use, and any other terms, policies or guidelines governing your use of the Services, at any time at its sole discretion by providing notice that the Terms of Use have been modified. Such notice may be provided by sending an email, or by posting a notice on the Site, or by posting the revised Terms of Use on the Site and revising the date at the top of these Terms of Use or by such other form of notice as determined by SmugMug. Your continued use of the Services, or your purchase of any Products or the Services following the posting of the revised Terms of Use or other notice will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications.

      Basically, they will provide a notice, but it isn’t clear what form that notice will take. No matter if you see the notice or not, you are responsible for understanding the status quo. What if you woke up on day, and your account was closed and your images deleted? It’s not likely to happen, but if it did, you wouldn’t have much of a case.

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