Dob In Your Dad’s Digital Disaster Zone

Dob In Your Dad’s Digital Disaster Zone

Father’s day is just around the corner and if you are like me you might find that they can be hard to buy for!  Dob in your dad for a chance to win a double pass to our Save Your Photos Day Event*

Dad’s can also do the ‘ostrich’ and stick their heads in the sand when it comes to being overwhelmed by something they think they should be able to understand and handle…

  • Does your dad have thousands of images stored on multiple devices?
  • Is he unsure of how to navigate around files and folders?
  • Does he struggle to locate images from specific events or dates?
  • Do you or he worry about computer crashes erasing his precious memories?
  • Is your dad confused by backups and cloud storage options?

We can help your dad:

  • Locate digital image files on multiple devices
  • Organise image files into easy to use systems
  • Provide customised guides and maps for his unique set up
  • Suggest back up storage solutions to suit his needs and skills.

Dob in your dad for your chance to win OR why not buy him a Photo Filing Assessment – for just $130 you can help him get started on an organising project that will give him peace of mind and enjoyment and if he books a package with us you will get $50 cash back.  Simple comment here with your dad’s name and what he needs help with for the chance to win a double pass to SYPD*.

* open to Sydney residents only, all associated travel costs to be covered at your own expense.

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