I Think I Have Found Planner Peace

I Think I Have Found Planner Peace

I wanted to take a quick minute to update you how I was going with finding “Planner Peace” or my “unicorn” as it often gets called in the Planner Addict world.

If you remember my post about the Bermuda Triangle then you will know that in January I had designed and purchased a Personal Planner. I wouldn’t call it a planner fail in any terms but it did NOT turn out to be the one for me. What it ultimately boiled down to be was size…

What I liked about the Personal Planner

  • Flexible layout design
  • Ease of ordering
  • Customisable cover
  • Elastic closure band
  • I loved the training area for tracking time and types of exercise each day
  • Paper quality is great
  • Price

What didn’t work for me in the Personal Planner

  • I chose the A5 size and it just wasn’t big enough to capture everything I needed
  • I chose yellow lines and they distracted me
  • My writing is way too fat and big for the line space available

So I bit the bullet and ordered the more expensive Plum Paper Planner (mainly more expensive as it ships from USA and the exchange rate isn’t great) and I love it. The thing that works best for me is the seven customisable areas allowing me to divide my time and tasks up. It has many of the PROS of the Personal Planner with some slight differences.

What I like about the Plum Paper Planner

  • Flexible layout
  • Paper quality
  • Seven sections to categorise tasks
  • Customisable covers
  • Additional add on options available (blog tracking, exercise tracking, notes pages)
  • I easily track everything I need to with some space to decorate (not that I find time for that)
  • Did I mention those seven sections! I love them, they are most commonly used for family members but as the primary function of mine is for work I set mine up slightly differently.

What I don’t like about the Plum Paper Planner

  • It’s REALLY heavy! BUT in its defence I ordered extra note pages and the blog tracker (neither which I am actually using so that is my bad choice)
  • I find the monthly layout at the beginning of each section overkill – I personally don’t use this area (though I am sure many do, I will be investigating asking for it to be excluded next year)
  • There is also some double up at the beginning and end of each month because of the monthly dividers. For example the week of Mon 29 June – Sunday 5 July appears twice once at the end of June and once at the beginning of July and that seems like a confusing double up to me
  • I also wish it had come with a tabbed ruler so I could easily flick to the current week.

Here are some early pictures of my lame attempts at decorating the pages. I wish I had the time and money to spend on some of the amazingly decorated creations I see on Instagram and Pinterest but I will be happy to settle for the awesome functionality of my Plum Paper Planner.

For those wondering why a photo organiser is blathering on about planning if you delve into our history The Filing Fairies also used to work with everyday paperwork filing and diary management was a key part of that. Time Management is a key element when running a business, if you are interested here is a recap to one of the original posts about diaries and planners.

Check out Personal Planners here or have a look at the Plum Paper Planners here.

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