16 Pinspirational Ideas for Personalised Christmas Cards

16 Pinspirational Ideas for Personalised Christmas Cards

As you know we love seeing you UTILISE & ENJOY your photos and Christmas is one of the perfect times to put your photos to good use.

It has become easier and easier to create personalised photo Christmas cards with endless suppliers ranging in design, style and price.

This is an image heavy post chock full of ideas: including real life examples of my personal cards as well as ‘pinsipration’ for families, couples, kids and babies to inspire you*

This one I did very LAST minute (you can tell) in 2011 I can’t recall where the design template came from but I know I printed them at a Big W kiosk, printed on standard photo paper.

This one is a collage I made via picmonkey.com last year – that I used for my Facebook cover page during December.


I love this infographic, it appeals to me on many levels!  I think it is cool that it kind of doubles as a family newsletter (cheesy yes but I love cheese), this one was made by a clever person on Etsy or you could try fiverr.com for a designer.

This is one is kind of cheeky for the Photoshop enthusiast.

Or for the acrobatic family!


Or for families wanting a warm Religious message.



I had to pick this one:  my hubby is a real romantic and always looks for the mistletoe hanging above the door to sneak a kiss.

This is another fun Christmas couple image you could have some fun making.



It’s what every mum wishes she could do and have….. a Silent Night!

The kids would have a lot of fun with this one, you could take a ton and have plenty to choose from.

Another fun one for the kids and super cute too!

For a family with a new sibling, this one tickled my fancy.


There are so many adorable images for babies, kids and pets – here are some of my favourites.



Below are just SOME of the many many sites you can use to design and print your personalised Christmas Cards: remember to check shipping dates and give yourself a buffer of time to receive then repost them to friends and family.

Are you planning a personalised Christmas Card this year?  We would love to see your ideas!

 * all images are credited with a link to source when I could find one, otherwise just found on Pinterest.

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