{Frame by Frame} receipts

{Frame by Frame} receipts

Receipts belong in the ‘everyday paperwork’ category and some of you might recall our DRESS for success FileOsophy.

Here is a quick look at how I handle my receipts.

D – Diarise:  I use my Cozi app, set to remind me once a month to enter my receipts

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts DIARISE2

R – Rummage:  Mostly my receipts end up on a bulldog clip on the fridge (this is a visual reminder for my husband), otherwise they get filed (as they should) in my action station.  But we are all human so I take some time to rummage around the usual places for any stray receipts (wallet, handbag, car console, junk or bedside drawers, etc)

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts RUMMAGE

E – Enter:  The Filing Fairies use a straight forward expense document in excel to record all our spending.  I enter everything there for work and in a very similar one for the family expenses (e.g. medical receipts and personal expenses that are tax deductible).  You can use MYOB, Xero or whatever accounting system you like, as long as the task is scheduled  and DONE regularly you will stay on top of things.

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts ENTER2

S – Scan:  For all my thermal receipts, I scan and save them so that I don’t get caught out when they fade.  I save my receipts in a folder Tax 14-15 (for this year) OR you can snap them and save the photo

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts SCAN

S – Stow:  I keep my originals in a Tax Folder in plastic sleeves, but you can file in the storage unit of your choice: ‘For tax guy’ envelope, ‘take to tax lady’ box

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts STOW

To ensure I stay on top of my data entry all I do is repeat these steps each month.

OR if you are keen on technology and want to go high tech you could try the Shoeboxed service;  Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online.  Telstra customers can trial this service for 6months for FREE.  Here a very cute graphic from Shoeboxed that shows how it works.

20150112 Frame by Frame Receipts Shoeboxed


What ever you decide the key is having a simple system and following it frequently.

Have a magical day


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