Spring: 4 ways you can tell it’s coming

Spring: 4 ways you can tell it’s coming

All lot of blogs are posting about Christmas coming, but one thing that is much closer is SPRING!

Here are 4 indicators telling me Spring is just around the corner.

1.  EARLY (and I mean EARLY) mornings!

The birds are totally going OFF in the mornings.  I am no Alfred Hitchcock post traumatic syndrome sufferer and have no real issue with birds EXCEPT when they start their vocal rehearsals at THREE something o’clock in the morning.

Of course the sunrise being earlier also means that the kids are up earlier, not that long after the birds wake me up I hear the patter of little feet coming to tell me the sun is up!


Being in Sydney everywhere I look is awash with the yellow stuff.  So of course with our family of  hay fever sufferers we are starting to sneeze and itch.  Time for us to ramp up the preventers and add extra tissues to the shopping list.


You know the ones, the random days where you are basking in the sunshine dreaming of the beach and the kids come home from school asking for ice blocks.  Actually mine do that year round, but I think you know what I mean.


Are you a member of a local buy, swap and sell page on Facebook?  I am part of a couple of groups and those pages are on super drive.  It appears everyone else has got the sniff of Spring and they are selling off old unwanted items in some early spring cleaning efforts.

Why are we compelled to tidy up in Spring?  Maybe it’s simple biology.  It’s possible that we Spring clean simply because as Spring arrives the days grow longer and we are exposed to more sunlight.  So we wake up from a winter long melatonin-induced lethargy and find more energy. After all, it’s easy to allow a house to get a little disorganised, grubby and chaotic when you’re sleepy.

What have you got planned this Spring?  A holiday?  A DIY project?  What will you be getting organised this Spring?  Join the conversation #thefilingfairies

Have a magical day



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