Action stations!

Action stations!

Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?

“how can I control all this paper clutter?”

“I wonder where that bill went?”

“where is my kitchen bench?” 

Our recent post Organised Solutions for Everyday Family Filing would be a great place to start to answer some of these common family organising questions. In it you will read mention of Action Stations. I LOVE a good action station or command centre, for those that follow our Pinterest boards you will see some great solutions on my Cool Command Centre board.

When we are working on a Family Filing project (or any project for that matter) we recognise that there is no such thing as one size fits all! So I thought I would share with you my own personal action station (which you could compare to the action folder you may have seen on our For-You page).













As you can see the basics are very similar but instead of being filed in a folder within clear envelopes my action station is located in my kitchen so that I can eyeball it regularly and stay on top of what needs to be done. Mine is right below our whiteboard where I note the tasks, meals, messages for the current day. I also use the magnets on the board to pin up anything from the action station that is urgent or needs to be right in my face for that day.

All our Family Filing Clients receive a customised guideline to help them with their own unique Family Filing solution. I don’t need to refer to my guideline very often now as it has become a habit, but I keep it in sight as a reminder to my husband who is new to the process. We work very closely with our Family Filing Clients to ensure that the customised solutions we develop together will be user friendly to the whole family not just one person.

I purchased my action station at Ikea

If you would like to put an end to everyday paper clutter in your home and want to benefit from some Family Filing magic, please contact us.

Have a magical day