5minutes 26secs

5minutes 26secs

5 minutes and 26 seconds is how long it took me to locate the images I wanted to use in the video from last week – AND that included some thinking time as to WHAT I wanted to use. I simply jotted down what I thought should be included then went directly to the locations where I knew I would find them.

Could you find 18 specific images that quickly?  We can help you get organised so you can find, use and enjoy your images – contact us to find out more.

Creating the video itself took me less than 1 minute. Yes less than 1 minute to list it on Fiverr and it cost me just $5…to make something like this it would have taken me a good couple of days bumbling around with software I don’t really know how to use, wasting time.  Fiverr is a great resource for all kinds of graphics, video and much more.

As Professional Organisers we believe that an important component of getting organised is outsourcing.  Outsourcing saves you time, more time = better organised.

A couple of other resources that can help you #savetime and be #organised through #outsourcing:



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