Mt Giftwrap

Mt Giftwrap


We are home, hot and dusty from our Merry Mudgee Christmas; I hope that Santa was kind to you all.

Did anyone get great gifts?  I would love to hear about your favourites!  If you remember our last post I love hearing this stuff so I can note down ideas for future gifts.

How was the mess? Are you covered in Mt Giftwrap?  This post has a few simple ideas of how to deal with all the extra rubbish we seem to accumulate over the holidays.

  • Gather up all the wrapping paper into one big box, label it “Christmas craft” and drop it in to your local day care centre.  They can put it away to use next year.
  • Separate any plain looking papers to re-use for birthdays etc (stars work for any occasion)
  • Having a new year’s party?  Keep any boxes to use as bins/recycling bins for bottles
  • Cover the boxes in the used wrapping paper for a festive cubby
  • Smaller boxes can be used to construct a mega dolls house, dolls car etc
  • Cover the small boxes for festive dolls house furniture
  • Recycle it – it might be obvious but be careful not to put recyclables into general waste.
  • Better still remember next year to use an alternative to gift wrap in the first place for example
    • Wrap gifts in a cotton tea towel
    • Use handtowels
    • Use a cloth bag instead of a gift bag so the bag can be reused for groceries etc
    • My personal favourite is to use bright colourful paintings and drawings done by the kids throughout the year
  • When the time comes to take down Xmas cards; make sure you keep the front of the card with the picture.  These can be trimmed down to make gift tags for next year.

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Have a magical day