Gifts that give back

Gifts that give back

The last few years the kids and I have taken part in Operation Christmas Child with our Play Group, we wanted the kids to learn that Christmas is about giving not receiving at a young age.  Thankfully they have embraced the idea of selecting thoughtful gifts for children less fortunate than them.

We want to remind you too that while it can be hard to remember in the frenzy of shopping, decorating, baking and making that Christmas isn’t always about the people directly around us.  Here are some others to think about

People living in poverty

Four legged friends

Vision impaired

Those affected by Cancer

There are countless other organisations that could be added to this list, why not pick something that has touched the receiver or their family directly?

Don’t forget that these gifts are super quick and easy to buy with a couple of clicks.  How much simpler is it to buy online than trawling the shops for hours only to come home with some useless trinket that will collect dust and add to clutter.

Most importantly you will also be getting the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving a gift of worth and possibly teaching your children an invaluable life lesson.

Can you add to this list of worthy causes?

Have a magical day


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