Perfect Pinterest Inspired Pressies

Perfect Pinterest Inspired Pressies

We are getting closer and closer to the big day.  This week we have 5 quick and simple gift ideas you can assemble easily and affordably.

Don’t forget to scan back through Delightful Decorations & Cute Christmas Cooking idea blog posts from recent weeks for bonus ideas as many of them can also be great gift ideas particularly the cooking ones.

Perfect Pressies The Filing Fairies love:

Links to larger versions of the 5 images and the original pin are in the titles below

For HER – {Maincure in a jar}

I am quite a fan of anything in a jar, it looks so cute and is very quick and easy

For HIM – {Reindeer Beer}

A few craft supplies and hey presto, a festive 6 pack

For TEACHERS – {Scented Hand Sanitizer}

This hands down you’re the best idea could be applied to many recipients but teachers go through a ton of this stuff, why not get a pretty scented bottle for a teachers desk.

For GRANDPARENTS – {Photo Display Board)

Again this could be for other recipients like neighbours or friends and family but I know how much Grandparents love to display pictures.  Again just a few simple craft supplies and you are done, handmade with love.

You will notice that there were no ideas for kids – I’m sure that they will get plenty and in the spirit of a Professional Organiser we encourage less STUFF where ever possible.

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