Please don’t get the wrong idea

Please don’t get the wrong idea

Like many of my Professional Organiser (PO) colleagues sometimes when I tell people I meet that I’m a PO, they immediately jump to the conclusion that I am a neat nazi.  Yes, I think in an organised fashion and am always on time but no one could call me a neat nazi.  If you were to pay a surprise visit to me you would find breakfast dishes on the sink and dirty coffee cups in my office.
People should remember that neat and organised are two very different things.



1. in a pleasingly orderly and clean condition:


verb (used with objects)

1. to systemise

To me neat often means the space is empty and not currently in use.  Being organised is more about having a place for things to go away to when it is time (or if you are like me when I have time).  More importantly it’s about being able to find something you need when you need it.

Pictured is our toy room at the end of a day full of fun and play.

But the beauty of everything having a ‘HOME’ is that we can return it to a comfortable and tidy place within a very short period of time.  So I don’t need to stress that it is not perfectly clean and organised ALL the time – the reality with two small children is that it is not possible and I shouldn’t beat myself up about it.

Where do you fit on the scale?  Neat v organised? I would put myself way up on the organised end of the scale..Jo could easily feature on both ends!  Please share with us below.

Visit the blog tomorrow to see the tidy version of the toy room.


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