Dealing with digital images

Digital-imagesEvery day we are taking and storing thousands more photos than ever before – which are stored on cameras, phones, computers and memory cards, many unprinted and many never looked at again.  We understand that you are overwhelmed not only by vast quantities of photos (in all mediums) but by software, apps and storage options. We work together with you to determine the best solution for your needs to create an easy to use system of storing and filing your photos.

Do you have thousands of images stored on multiple devices?
Are you unsure of how to navigate around your files and folders?
Do you struggle to locate images from specific events or dates?
Do you worry about computer crashes erasing precious memories?
Are you confused by backups and cloud storage options?

The Filing Fairies can:

  • Find digital image files on multiple devices
  • Organise image files into easy to use systems
  • Provide customised guides and maps for your unique set up
  • Suggest back up storage solutions to suit your needs and skills
  • Learn how to get your photos from;
    • your camera to your computer
    • your phone or tablet to your computer
    • your computer to a social media site e.g. Facebook
    • your computer to another device (e.g. USB or hard drive)
  • Learn where to find your images, once they are on the computer
  • Learn how to easily organise and rename images so you can locate them again
  • Learn about resolution, image size and file size.

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