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20150225 Forgotten gen cartoon I have often said that I am of the luckiest generation. I am old enough to remember BEFORE digital technology (and the internet) but young enough to have been able to adapt and embrace it. You could say that is why I am an advocate of old school methods as well as new technology like Forever.com. Call me old fashioned but in my personal (and professional) opinion the dead set easiest way to back up your photos is to

Do you remember the R's I wrote about? Well our fantastic photobook from Momento arrived a few weeks ago (the one I did the beta testing for their new DISNEY software which by the way is now live and available to the public.  I highly recommend you check it out.) Well it is here and the kids ADORE IT! We have been ‘reading’ it every night since it arrived and I having been quietly patting myself on the back and remembering Doctor G’s thoughts on respect, responsibility and resilience. I thought you would be interested in a few examples from the book and my thoughts on the stories and learnings they are demonstrating. I have definitely being ‘telling’ the stories using different words than I would have before hearing Doc G’s presentation.

At my weekly playgroup, on my online mums group and in my home I hear all the time "I would never speak to an adult the way kids do today, I don't remember being taught the RIGHT way to speak to an adult when I was a kid but I just did it!".

I totally agree with this sentiment.  I don't remember how this was taught to me, so I don't know how to teach this to my children.  As a parent this is a concern to me.  It is a concern I have also heard raised by grandparents.201503 Reading writing and arithmetic the other 3 rs

Late last year there was a blog post titled Dear Mom on the iPhone doing the rounds and causing quite the stir and some of the responses Dear Mom Judging Me For My iPhone and  Dear Mom on the iPhone:  You're Doing Fine generated lots of passionate comment and discussions.  At the time I was AMEN sistas, tell that to all those seemingly 'perfect mums' to quit judging THEN I saw this and it got me thinking. 20150302 Whale of a time

School is back! Cue HAPPY DANCE! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mLAcg8HfJA[/embed] ed:  I have just read this back and realised that this post could be a drinking game (so I changed the title to get your attention, did it work?):  one sip every time I say routine! (please drink responsibly) Here are...

20150105 old way1 See this load of notebooks, this mess? That was how I was planning my days and maintaining my works-in-progress.  I had a month to view Kikki K planner, a week to view Kikki K planner, an A4 workbook and I was still using my Cozi app.  I knew I needed to practice what I preach and ensure that there was a place for everything so that everything can be in its place, so I decided to go back to paper.  My shopping list was for something that I could use for:
  • Appointments
  • To do lists (work AND family)
  • Ideas lists (blog, marketing, joint ventures, gift ideas)
  • Tracking (exercise, water consumption)