Backing-Up as Simple as 3-2-1

Backing-Up as Simple as 3-2-1

Throughout our industry it is widely recognised that the best way to backup is using the 3-2-1 methodology.

You may have read the book we recommended Back Up or Die? and you should be well aware of the RISKS to your photos!

After you have completed a monthly MOON Walk we highly recommend that you use the 3-2-1 Back Up Plan.

You’ve gone to the trouble of getting your photos into one place in a Digital Photo Hub (DPH) now ensure that you have 3 copies.

When it comes to storage, create the backup copies on 2 different types of media (for example; hard drive, NAS drive, cloud storage)

Then move/keep 1 copy offsite (cloud storage, your office, a friend or family member).

It may seem over zealous but having your photos backed up like this, ensures that even if disaster strikes you will still be able to access your precious family memories.

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